Free phone consultancy

At Nutrimentum, your satisfaction is our top priority, that’s why we offer a free phone consultation before you begin with the program. During the phone consultation you can trust us with problems regarding your diet and healthy lifestyle.

You can expect clear and reliable information based on validated scientific research. With the help of our counselling, more than 100 people have already achieved desired results.

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The phone conversation is completely free and does not bind you to make any other purchases with Nutrimentum.

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Individual 60-minute consultation

The 60-minute consultation is suitable for those who just want some general guidance or have decided to work with a nutritionist. The consultation is also suitable for those who are otherwise relatively healthy but are interested in additional information regarding their diet.

Before the consultation, you record your food intake as accurately as possible for three days. We will then do an analysis and examine your current intake of micronutrients, macronutrients and energy levels. Through analysis, we gain a detailed insight into your dietary patterns and habits, which consequently makes it easier to discuss your lifestyle during the consultation.

Your diet and medical condition are strongly linked to your lifestyle and physical activity. We are all different, so each person must be treated as such. During the consultation we will make a tentative plan for your diet, your lifestyle and discuss options for improvement. You will also learn the basics of a balanced diet and what to keep an eye on for optimal health.


  • Accurate analysis of your three-day nutrition diary
  • Weight measurements
  • Measurement of body composition by BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis)
  • Basic knowledge of a balanced diet adapted to your lifestyle
  • Diet, exercise and lifestyle plan
  • Also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and other eating habits
  • Suitable for children and adolescents
  • Skype consultations are also possible

Six-week nutrition coaching

The six-week nutrition coaching is great for those who need a little more encouragement and support in changing their eating habits and lifestyles. It is also suitable for anyone who has tried to lose or gain weight in the past but found themselves back at the start due to ineffective approaches and diets.

Changing your eating habits and lifestyle is not a short and easy process. With a lack of knowledge and experience, we can get stuck for a long time before finding the right solution. We tackle this issue by constantly adjusting to your individual rhythm and needs. In six weeks, we have just enough time to find the most optimal way to achieve your desired goals. You will also begin to feel and see the results within this timeframe.

The program includes a personalized seven-day menu with healthy and delicious recipes, as well as a guided tour of healthy shopping at the store of your choice. By the end of the six-week program you will gain the tools and skills that will help you reach your goals.

The first visit is considered a 60-minute individual counseling session and is not part of the six-week program.


  • Six 60-minutes consultations
  • Five weight measurements
  • Five measurements of body composition with BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis)
  • In-depth knowledge of a balanced diet
  • A precise plan for your diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • Seven-day personalized menu
  • A guided tour of healthy shopping at the store of your choice
  • Consultations are also possible through Skype

Personalized seven-day menu

Based on your first consultation and your rhythm, we put together a seven-day menu adjusted to your needs. We choose the foods you love and tailor the meals to your lifestyle. Don’t worry, even if you’re constantly on the go, or have a dynamic job, we’ll have delicious meals that you can easily take with you.

The menu is also made for recreational and professional athletes! Whatever your goal (increasing muscle mass, fat loss, increasing endurance, optimal diet, etc.), we will help you maximize results with appropriate meals.

In the seven-day menu, you get a precise calculation of optimal intake of micro and macronutrients and calories, in addition to individualized dietary tips.


  • Precisely calculated micro, macronutrients and caloric intake
  • Individually prepared recipes with foods you love
  • Adapted to your lifestyle and goals
  • Attached shopping list
  • Suitable for recreational and professional athletes
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and other eating habits

If you are unable to attend the counselling session, you are obligated to notify us at least 24 hours before the appointment. If we do not receive your cancellation in due time, you will be charged for consulting expenses despite your absence. Your complete satisfaction and our professionalism are a top priority for us, that’s why we also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services.

Testimonials of our clients:

Within the framework of the project “Care for occupational health” we decided on the workshop “Healthy eating & workplace lifestyles”. Ajda explained the importance of a balanced diet and clearly explained where sugars and fats are hidden in food, how to eat when you don’t have a lot of time, what an afternoon snack should be like at work when you’re working long hours. During the lecture we received answers to the questions we had already sent before the workshop. Ajda is a pleasant, dynamic and accessible interviewee. What impressed us the most was when Ajda presented the amount of sugar in foods. My colleagues and I have taken this very seriously and have already made changes to our diet in the workplace, as well as in our family environments.

Simona N., Tax Advisor and Director of FINcommerce

Ajda Strnad prepared a very good and high-quality presentation on the importance of sports nutrition at the junior members basketballteam’s pre-season training. The boys have received excellent feedback on what kind of diet makes sense for top athletes with such a strenuous pace of matches and training. For us coaches, the player’s nutrition is crucial, as proper nutrition and proper care for the player’s regeneration means better performance. Ajda has provided a lot of interesting and useful information about nutrition and nutritional supplements, which will be useful to the players not only for the pre-season training, but also later in the club’s season.

Anže Z., Conditioning Coach, Basketball Federation of Slovenia, co-founder of 2A Sports Lab

Ajda’s “Nutrition coaching” helps me make leaps towards my well-being, which also improves other areas of my life. The menu is modern and tasty, preparation is fast. Ajda always helps me with her private consultations if I get stuck. I feel that I am in good hands and I trust her professional judgment, which is tailored to my needs.

Uroš R., Lawyer

I have always been a person who likes to overeat, so Ajda’s dietary tips are a great fit for me. Not only did my craving for sweets diminish, I was also never hungry. And Ajda really took the time to prepare menus that include all the foods I love. Because of all these reasons, losing excess weight and transforming my body was easier than ever before.

Hana H., Psychology

I decided to ask Ajda for help because I’ve had problems with gaining weight for many years. I was too slim, I was constantly hungry and I didn’t know how to tackle the problem, but with the help of Ajda and her expertise, I was able to change my lifestyle and eating habits. She really did her best and made the menu perfectly suited to my lifestyle and individual needs. The menus are very tasty, varied and simple, and she also provided me with a lot of useful information and concrete tips on how to track my progress and continue pursuing my desired goal. Weight gain was not easy, but it was much more bearable because of Ajda. She stood by my side throughout the whole process and closely monitored my progress and motivated me. Even though I am still on my way to my ideal weight, the results are already noticeable: I have a lot more energy, I no longer have a constant feeling of hunger, it’s easier to gain weight, I am more confident and I have no doubt that I will reach my goal with the knowledge she gave me.

Pia Z., student

I decided to visit Ajda because of a recommendation I got from a good friend. I had major health problems. I was overweight, had heart problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I liked Ajda immediately, because I expected a typical doctor’s attitude where we are not patients but only numbers, but that was not the case with her at all. The consultation was on a personal level. After the consultation, Ajda put together a menu just for me. After about 14 days, I noticed the first results, and I was losing weight (but I was never hungry), triglycerides in my body went down and I had a lot more energy. Ajda is a great girl and she’s really ready to take the time for you. If I had any questions, she immediately responded. I would highly recommend her if you are having similar problems, and above all, I would recommend you stick to all her tips.

Nejc K., Head of Technical Division

With Ajda’s expert advice, prepared menus, support and monitoring of my diet, I have truly experienced a great change for myself and my body. I have changed my lifestyle and  gained more energy, I feel much better, I have a varied diet that has become part of my daily routine. All of this improves your health and reduces weight! I stick to the agreement and my progress keeps confirming that I am on the right track. It wasn’t easy, but I trust Ajda completely! With her approach and professionalism, I achieved and am still achieving visible results in a natural way. I really turned a new leaf and I am truly grateful!

Darko P., Entrepreneur

Ajda really helped me choose the right foods in a non-invasive way. She also helped me plan the number of meals and adjusted them to my dynamic job. I especially appreciate her encouragement and careful monitoring of my progress. It wasn’t the easiest, but the progress is obvious.

Matej P., IT specialist

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